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Mama Faye, Founder and Owner

Mama Faye, Founder and Owner


About Us

Founder, owner and CEO of Taaru Majeure, Mama Faye is your 21st Century entrepreneur with a vision, an absolute commitment to fulfill every woman’s unyielding dream: healthy and perfect skin.

With this single goal in mind, Taaru Majeure, her upcoming Boutique will offer:

  • State of the Art Skincare and Hair Care

  • Well known luxury skincare brands from US, France, Canada and Japan

  • Customized Solutions for specifics needs.

  • Luxury products backed by cutting edge technology.

Taaru Majeure will feature exclusive products with advanced formulas and luxurious textures suitable for all skin types and skin tones.

-Additionally , a selective collection within our Galleria will boast unique pieces of Art from all over the world .

Rare and exquisite pieces of Costume Jewerly made with the worlds most refined material will capture your attention

Stay tuned.......

About Mama Faye

Armed with over 23 years of experience in retail Management , Mama Faye’s skills were perfected while managing  top brands such as Chanel, Tom Ford Cosmetics, Sisley Paris, Lancome and Clinique, Estée Lauder to just name a few.

Her stellar reputation within the small world of the NYC beauty industry is that of a strong , reliable and results driven manager.

Taaru Majeure’s vision stems from Mrs Faye’s deep understanding of the international and African Markets.

A keen awareness of the untapped potential Africa has to offer led her to build a company that will finally bridge the gap  with a goal to harvest  the best ingredients offered by the Motherland.

Taaru Majeure is the results of a merger of Africa’s most potent ingredients, cutting edge  technology and avant- gardistes treatments  in the service of the most demanding, perfection seeking modern woman.

Her previous work for Shell Oil Senegal as a Non Fuel Retail Manager led her to extensive travels that powered her deep knowledge for the quality of natural resources now being used for the Taaru Majeure Line.

Based  in Larchmont NY, Mama Faye is well known in the Westchester and Connecticut areas where she is a pillar of her community .

A philanthropist married to Amary Seck , an AP Chemistry teacher at Mamaroneck High school, Mama Faye is an active figure within her husband’s organization, Students for Senegal.

Mama Faye’s unparalleled experience and knowledge are the assets she brings to this venture within the Larchmont business Community.

We are honored to have you undertake this exciting journey with us.